One thing to remember about bass fishing is you can take your time and really learn a lot about it and improve while having the time of your life. When you’re talking to more experienced people, they’ll teach you a lot of things. What you’ll discover is there is a certain type of kinship among fisherman. You’ll need to find your favorite fishing spots and any really good secrets, and don’t be afraid to spend some money on good quality tackle and other gear. Learn More

The smart anglers understand what bass do in the different seasons, but just like many animals, bass will produce young during the spring time. What is amazing about bass is you can often see the females in their nests close to the shorelines; however, the trade-off with this is they are hard to tempt with just about any bait. This is one of the more interesting parts of bass fishing, so just learn to live with it as you will not likely catch the mother during this time. You can sometimes lure one and catch her, but be sure you release her back to the wild so she can continue nesting her young. Many of the bass have different names, and in this case we’re talking about the black bass which is also the spotted bass. Even though different bass species share common qualities, they are different enough so that fisherman will appreciate them. Having a bigger frame than the small mouth, they still are not the monsters that Southern large mouth can be. All of them will be something to contend with once you hook onto them, and that is really part of the lure of bass fishing. click for source

It’s very well established that the southern US states are where the larger bass are to be found. Not only do the bass fish get bigger in the south, but they will do so at a faster rate of growth. go to my blog

What helps to make the sport much more interesting and challenging is how fast the water moves. That’s why bass are often found in lakes and ponds, plus even man made reservoirs are known to hold bass populations. Bass are famous for hanging out more closer to rocks and trees that are felled and in the water. Finding bass near those natural obstructions is very common, and you should get in the habit of fishing them. No need to be in a hurry to learn everything possible about bass fishing – there’s really just too much. Some people have been known to only fish for bass while others love other kinds. Learn to expand your knowledge and fish for them using different methods. Your basic skills will improve and you’ll be able to change things when you’re ready for a change.

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